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Identifyingexpansion opportunities for existing products and services.

Obtainingpricing and market data to educate our clients about their competitors.

Helpingour clients to make their services more attractive by keeping them informed about their customers' needs and wants.

Creatinglocation specific tools and training procedures that are easily modified in the market.

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1111 East Touhy Avenue 

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Instead of counting on telemarketing or junk emails to acquire customers, we specialize in professional, in person presentations. We have learned that is the best way to build long term trust. A smile and a handshake goes a long way to build relationships with our clients and acquire business.

Sales, marketing, and Management firm for the new Millennium

Since LAUNCH opened in July of 2010, we have earned national recognition as a top sales, marketing, and management team nationally. Our current contracts include the largest energy supply companies, and the largest commercial telecom and cable companies in America. Continual demand for more customers and revenue has allowed us to grow to 9 locations throughout nation since opening over 5 years ago, and we are set to open 3 more locations within the next 12 months.

Headquartered in Des Plaines, IL, our expansion locations span the four states of Illinois, California, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. We have work with clients that provide business necessities and telecommunication services to small to medium businesses in the West, and telecommunication technologies and renewable energy to consumers in the Midwest and East. 

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