Sales, marketing, and Management firm for the new Millennium

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• Health Benefits Program
• Paid Training
• Flexible Training Pay
• Reimbursement Program
• Company Paid Travel
• Paid Vacation
• Bonus Programs
• Competitive Pay Structure
• Weekly and monthly bonuses
• No seniority (performance based promotions)
• Retirement and Savings Plans available with promotions 

 Our goal is to help our staff gain leadership skills that will enable them to excel in the field of sales, client acquisitions and most importantly experience professional and personal growth. Our training is designed to strengthen communication skills, emphasize a good work ethic and develop skills necessary for negotiating with clients.

At LAUNCH we take pride in our professionalism, integrity, hard work and dedication; which enables us to achieve our goals. We believe that the only way a person can learn to successfully operate a company is for that person to build a strong foundation by experiencing sales functions as an Account Manager. Candidates are taught how to interface with clients and finalize business deals. Once these skills are acquired, the individual learns how to coach and teach others how to master these same skills. The training process concludes when a candidate proves that he or she has developed the business acumen necessary to be successful.



Account Executive Responsibilities Include:

* Client Account Negotiation
* New Client Acquisition
* Current Client Retention Cross Training In the areas of Human
Resources, Sales, and Marketing
* (all qualified individuals will be trained in all aspects of the position)

We feel if we are going to progress as a business, we must educate the individuals within the company to maximize their effectiveness. Our Managers are required to attend seminars to improve organizational skills like the Franklin Covey methods as well as the Ken Blanchard methods in Effective Leadership. Upon completion of leadership tests and seminars, a candidate has an opportunity to be promoted to a Branch Manager role and work directly with the president of the company. This in turn will continue to push us to reach our goals towards greatness.

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Internal training is the key to the consistency and strength we have at LAUNCH. We believe in training individuals in all areas regardless of previous experience. 

Training includes:
• Corporate classroom training
• Hands on field training
• Seminars and conferences
• Public speaking lessons
• Management training
• Sales and marketing technical training

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Paid Internships Responsibilities Include:

• The internship program involves training in areas of marketing, sales, human resources, finance and client development.
• All internships are full time
and paid.
• No intern will be put behind a desk, asked to get coffee, make copies or file papers.
• Interns who successfully complete the program will receive
end of the internship bonus, letters of recommendation and if qualified an option to work full time upon graduation.

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